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Peugeot Design Lab

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A global brand design studio

Peugeot Design Lab is a global brand design studio that makes the expertise Peugeot has accrued in the automotive industry available to outside brands.
The Design Lab designs a project strategy for its clients that incorporates all the constituent elements of their brand.
Product design is an extension of the brand identity.
Peugeot Design Lab specializes in identifying and guiding the full spectrum of direct and indirect brand perceptions.
It designs products, services and experiences in all business sectors worldwide.

Two centuries of innovation

Peugeot has always set itself apart from its direct competitors by offering a product range that extends beyond vehicles. The highly versatile brand's wide-ranging history begins at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

  • 1812: Peugeot manufactures its emblematic saw,
  • 1840: Solid mechanics and an elegant design make the Peugeot grinder a major success,
  • 1867: Peugeot begins manufacturing sewing machines, which are later to be patented and honoured with awards,
  • 1882: Peugeot's first foray into bicycles is an immediate hit,
  • 1925: Peugeot enters the nautical sector, manufacturing dinghies and small boats until 1928,
  • 1960: Peugeot introduces kitchen utensils during the era of post-war expansion in France,
  • 2012: Peugeot launches an ambitious international project: the Peugeot Design Lab.