Peugeot concept car onyx


Discover the 21-century supercar

With its silhouette pushed to the extreme, the Onyx Concept Car fascinates at first sight. Its intensely aerodynamic lines take enthusiasts beyond the limits of high performance. Its harmony of raw and state-of-the art materials along with its incredible design put it in a style league of its own.

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Finely-honed bodywork and streamlined front-end

Watch it slice through the air in pure elegance, with its vertical grille and full LED headlights beaming. Its wings and doors, hand-carved by a master craftsman from a pure, mirror-polished copper sheet, make the Onyx dazzle and shimmer.

visuel Finely-honed bodywork and streamlined front-end

Aerodynamic tail-lights

Its tail-lights are designed with Peugeot's distinguishing luminous three-claw signature, a magnificently-exquisite finishing touch. The Onyx Concept Car also incorporates mini impellers which direct airflow and intensify aerodynamics.

visuel Aerodynamic tail-lights

A soft and cosy cab

Bathed in natural, dazzling roof-to-floor light, the Onyx's cab includes a felt-designed console and a revolutionary, new wooden dashboard: made of newspaper-wood. The cab itself is a one-piece pod, without seams, without joins and becomes one with the driver and passenger, embracing them in absolute comfort.

visuel A soft and cosy cab
Peugeot concept car onyx


Discover the performance in close-ups

Sculpted right from the block, this supercar was designed by enthusiasts.  Its mid-mounted V8 will take you beyond the limits of high performance. A showcase of technological excellence and craftsmanship, the Onyx Concept Car treasures a HYbrid4 engine under its copper sheet that recovers the kinetic energy from braking and restores it during acceleration.

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Onyx, a breath-taking concept car

The sporty, finely-honed, streamlined Onyx is a hybrid concept car that slices through the air with pure elegance. Expressing a century of research and innovation, the Onyx is the most accomplished car ever imagined by the Lion brand.

Peugeot concept car onyx


the Onyx experience

Peugeot has perpetually pursued its passion for cutting-edge throughout its 200 years of history. It is the only brand in the world to offer a comprehensive range of mobility solutions: bikes, motorized 2-wheelers, cars, vans.
Peugeot's Onyx Concept Car epitomizes this vision of the future yet keeps with tradition by paying tribute to the RCZ through its double-bubble roof and its aluminium arches. The Onyx Concept Bike and Onyx Concept Scooter are its acclaimed variations.