Peugeot design 2008 concept

Peugeot 2008 Concept


Discover the urbain crossover

Adorning the brand's stylistic codes, the Peugeot 2008 is totally audacious and reinvents the crossover market standards. Its assertive urban style, compactness and agility make it a vehicle perfect for young urban drivers who are just as much at home in the city as in wide, open spaces... Created by merging the elegance of a saloon and the impertinence of a SUV, it is sophisticated yet powerful.

vignette Feel

An elegant, modern hues

Its fluorescent yellow and velvet matt varnish make it dazzling and spirited. Its bodywork is enhanced with Dark Chrome details that subtly spotlight the modernity and elegance of this concept.

visuel An elegant, modern hues

Original headlights

The precise shape of the 2008 Concept's headlights is definitely a Peugeot creation. Their outlines reveal their feline character yet blend in perfectly with the technical features.

visuel Original headlights

An elegant, powerful front-end

An inspirational bonnet, an aerodynamic silhouette and a floating grille whose design is carved in the metal; everything in the 2008 Concept conjures up sharpness, raciness and vivacity.

visuel An elegant, powerful front-end
Peugeot design 2008 concept

Peugeot 2008 Concept


the 2008 concept experience

A dream made real by Peugeot designers from Paris, Shanghai and Sao Paulo working together, the 2008 Concept will be commercialized for an international clientele.
An incomparable combination of saloon and SUV, it integrates a revolutionary, new-generation 3-cylinder petrol engine. Agile, compact and multipurpose, the 2008 Concept is designed for every city in the world. Ever-so smart and wonderfully small, it snakes through traffic easily, anytime, anywhere.