108 Tattoo Concept car Peugeot Artist Xoil

108 Tattoo Concept


the creative challenge

The new Peugeot 108 is a car that lends itself to customization.
With this in mind, Peugeot and the tattoo artist Xoil have got together to create something unique: the Peugeot 108 Tattoo Concept!
Xoil took his cue from urban culture, to combine his world with that of the motoring brand name. The result is a work of art totally new to both the automotive and the tattooing worlds.
Discover the talent of Xoil, the famous international artist who has once again broken the mould in the tattooing world.

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Customized to the Extreme

Discover the 108 Tattoo Concept presented by Gilles Vidal and Xoil, the car that is customized to the extreme. Tattoo artist Xoil was given every opportunity to express his talent and produce a unique work on this novel medium.

108 Tattoo Concept car Peugeot hood

108 Tattoo Concept


the material at the heart of the concept

Xoil delved into the brand's identity and history, the blue colour, the 1920 logo with the proudly conquering lion that he has tattooed on the hood of the 108 Tattoo Concept.
He made stunning use of the dimensions and curves, so different from those of the human body. The 108 Tattoo Concept is painted in a golden copper almost the colour of flesh.
The combination of different aspects and geometric lines, typical of Xoil's world, echoes the Peugeot 108's aerodynamics and efficiency.

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For the tattooing of the hood of the 108 Tattoo Concept, Xoil had to get used to leather as a medium, since it has its own way of absorbing ink. The leather used for the hood is produced using a vegetable tanning process, which conserves each skin's unique appearance and touch. The result is amazing!

visuel Leatherwork

Expression through Materials

The 108 Tattoo Concept's interior also features leather, in particular on the dashboard. On the seats and floor mats, leather and woven napping are used in cleanly cut contrast.

visuel Expression through Materials
108 Tattoo Concept car Peugeot front grill

108 Tattoo Concept


the 108 Tattoo Concept experience

The 108 Tattoo Concept, the concept car customized to the extreme, echoes the wide range of customizations available on the new Peugeot 108: four silhouettes (saloon and convertible, 3- and 5-door versions), seven customization themes, three interior colour schemes, three roof fabric colours etc. The Peugeot 108 is also the mirror of its driver's smartphone with its Mirror Screen function.
Elegant and chic, this city car fits naturally into its urban environment, thanks to its extreme compactness.