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Peugeot Concept Car

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Creativity knows no limits

Innovation is written in Peugeot's DNA and is remarkably expressed in the brand's concept cars. These one-of-a-kind, one-shot vehicles are an open playground for the designers' and engineers' freedom of expression. They display their talents and expertise by experimenting new materials, state-of-the-art designs and cutting-edge technology.

Different types of concept cars exist:

  • Dream cars, like the SR1 and the EX1, which are not intended for mass-production,
  • Prospective concept cars, like the BB1 and the HR1, which are involved in "vehicle reflection" and concept exploration,
  • Teasers, prototypes that will be commercialized within 2 years,
  • Pre-series vehicles, which are frequently showcased in exclusive previews to announce the launch of a newcomer, such as the 208 GTI and the 208 XY.

Peugeot and its concept cars... a longstanding relationship

Technical feats, perpetual innovation, technological challenges... For over 200 years, the Lion Brand has been amazing drivers throughout the world with its iconic, one-of-a-kind concept cars.

  • 1965: the single-seater, diesel-engine 404 breaks 40 international speed and endurance records,
  • 1984: Peugeot showcases its Quasar, the 1st real concept car with very low-slung body lines and 4-cylinder twin-turbo engine,
  • 1986: Proxima arrives on the scene with its highly-profiled lines and glass roof,
  • 1996: Peugeot creates an electrical, urban single-compartment body that heralds the arrival of the iOn, launched in 2010,
  • 1998: The 20Coeur coupé, with its articulated and retractable roof that folds into its boot, is presented at the Geneva Motor Show. An innovation that now exists in the shape of the 206 CC and its famous hard-top,
  • 2003: The Hoggar buggy with its sleek interior design, made from highly-refined materials such as metal and leather,
  • 2009: the modern urban BB1, a crossover between a 2-wheeler and a 4-wheeler.

Boosting the brand's reputation...

Because the world changes at the speed of light, Peugeot has never stopped investing in the future. Its concept cars are the greatest showcase of the brand's technological potential.

The brand adventures into unknown technological ground and propose concept cars integrating alternative energy sources. Before equipping today's 3008, the HYbrid4 engine was tested on a variety of other concept cars. The 100% electrical engine that equips the BB1 will probably become the standard engine in the years to come.

These concept cars advocate Peugeot's savoir-faire and philosophy:

  • Excellence: undeniable sturdiness and reliability, great mastery of diesel engines, suspension performance
  • Emotion: highly-developed sense of design
  • Driving experience: unforgettable, incomparable sensations.