Peugeot concept bike onyx

Peugeot Onyx bike


Discover a high-performance superbike

Back to the brand's origins with this futuristic, revolutionary, time trial Onyx Concept Bike. The engineers' work in wind tunnels, the frame designed with carbon, the streamlined wheels and disc brakes are a tip of the hat to the brand's automobiles. This groundbreaking style propels it into the future and into a world of speed and high performance.

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A carbon unibody frame

The flexed and harmonious lines of the carbon unibody frame optimize the Onyx Concept Bike's aerodynamics.

visuel A carbon unibody frame

Fully-integrated brakes and battery

In keeping with the high-performance spirit, the cables, brakes and battery are perfectly concealed inside the handlebars. And the electronically-controlled gear-change is exceptionally intuitive.

visuel Fully-integrated brakes and battery

Matt black and copper nuances

With its matt black coat, the Onyx Concept Bike radiates pure elegance. And through its coppered details, you can catch a glimpse of its pioneering technology.

visuel Matt black and copper nuances
Peugeot concept bike onyx

Peugeot Onyx bike


the Onyx bike experience

Everything in this Onyx Concept Bike has been designed so that athletes become one with the bike and can push their physical fitness to the limits. This incredibly-sharp time trial bike will ensure that riders win their races anytime, anywhere. This bike offers exceptional performances shared only with the Onyx Concept Car and Concept Scooter.