Peugeot eDL132

Peugeot eDL132


State-of-the-art sports performance

The eDL132 packs a powerful electric motor at the bottom bracket, twinned with a removable Lithium-Ion battery that provides impressive range between charges. The bike is also equipped with front and rear disc brakes, a belt drive and electronic gear shifters. The result is an array of leading-edge technology designed to ensure efficient handling in an urban environment.

Peugeot eDL132

Peugeot eDL132


On-board innovation

This is the electric bike of the future. Light, lively and athletic, the eDL132 is an outstanding ride packed with innovative features, including a touch screen that displays useful information such as performance, route, GPS data and battery status.

vignette Feel

Invisible battery

Fully integrated into the eDL132 frame, the removable battery is light and compact with an impressive life between charges.

visuel Invisible battery

Ride by night

As with all Peugeot projects, the eDL132 is designed with safety and mobility in mind. An approach neatly reflected in the built-in saddle light, crafted by Peugeot designers to promote maximum safety at all times.

visuel Ride by night
Peugeot eDL132

Peugeot eDL132


the eDL132 experience

The eDL132 boasts a wide range of cutting-edge technology to make every outing unique. The removable Lithium-Ion battery is fully integrated into the frame and provides ample range between charges. The hydraulic disc brakes, belt drive and touch screen with GPS all help make this bike the perfect ride for any urban environment.



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