DL 122 vélo Peugeot

Cutting-edge yet elegant

Ultra-compact and highly practical, this urban bike was designed to meet the expectations of urban cyclists. This flexible bike is wonderfully "crafty" as there is no compromise on elegance or riding pleasure. Peugeot Cycles dares to use an innovative combination of materials and design: aluminium, wood and leather.

DL 122 vélo Peugeot sacoche

Integrated satchel

A satchel is subtly built into the frame of the DL 122. Laptops and documents are placed in a trendy leather satchel slotted between the legs, which maintains better bike balance and protects against theft. The DLL 122 is a racy rider for travelling through the city.

DL 122 vélo Peugeot

Futuristic look

The only one of its kind in the world, this futuristic bike deserves to be looked at from every possible angle: with its aluminium and wooden frame, leather saddle and hand grips, transmission, 8-speed belt-drive...

Peugeot's DL122 offers you an incomparable, audacious and innovational mobility solution.

Peugeot eDL122

The DL122 goes electric

The eDL122 boasts impressive agility and has a character all its own, which sets it apart from the DL122.
Powered by a compact battery integrated into the frame, the eDL122 offers ample range between charges without excessive weight.

Discover a new, dynamic approach to mobility in tune with the environment.