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Peugeot Concept Bike

Concept Bikes

Bikes that defy conventions

Inside the Peugeot Design Lab, Peugeot's technical teams and designers pool their expertise and skills to design the bicycles of tomorrow. These highly-sophisticated, revolutionary machines shake up the world of bikes and foreshow the mass market models of the future. Produced in limited numbers, they are mainly directed to people who love being on the move and who wish to benefit from groundbreaking innovations.

Inside the Peugeot Design Lab, Peugeot's engineers demonstrate their boldness and daring by creating bikes like the highly-original and revolutionary DL 121 and DL 122 that combinethe best in technology and design.

Over 150 years of innovation

Since 1882, the brand has established itself as a benchmark in the world of bicycles. Discover the key dates of this human adventure marked by innovations.

  • 1882: Peugeot creates its first bicycle, the Grand-Bi, which has unequal wheels,
  • 1941: The aluminium bike with its pressed-steel frame is manufactured by Peugeot's workshops,
  • 1983: The first carbon-composite bikes that are 4.5 times lighter than steel and 3.2 times more resistant are produced,
  • 1998: One of Peugeot's bikes sets a new world record: 212 km/hour on the Vars ski slope,
  • 2010: During the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot unveiled its first concept bike created in-house by its designers.

One-of-a-kind creations promoting Peugeot's philosophy

The brand has constantly pursued its quest for ever-greater creativity since the success of its Grand-Bi. As part of its ongoing research into eco-friendly mobility solutions, Peugeot develops cutting-edge concepts such as its e-bikes that incorporate electrical parameters. Just like its Concept Cars, Peugeot's Concept Bikes advocate the brand's philosophy :

  • Excellence: Materials chosen combine performance and safety.¬†Only the best equipment/fittings are selected.
  • Emotion: A cyclist must experiment unforgettable, incomparable sensations when riding a Peugeot bike.
  • Style: A Peugeot bike must be at the cutting-edge of style. Top designers create bikes that are streamlined, sleek and sensual, and meet the most demanding aerodynamic criteria.